Getting started with TrailWise

13th November, 2023


Welcome to TrailWise! Here's a quick getting-started guide to ensure you get the most out of the platform.

What is Trailwise?

TrailWise is a hiking and trail-running site designed to help you track peaks, manage gear, and plan routes, all in one easy-to-use app. The site is broken down into distinct sections, these being:


The Planning section contains anything you'd expect to do before a trip, such as planning your routes or managing your gear.


The Routes tab is ideal for when you want to plan a new route, or to manage an existing route from another platform. By managing routes within TrailWise, you can see elevation graphs, 3D mapping of your selected route, as well as listings of all the peaks you'll check off if you complete the route.


The Gear tab lets you manage your gear collection, organising and easily visualising the weight you'll be taking on your trips. By tracking both routes and gear in TrailWise, you can automatically link your gear usage to the trips you go on, such as distance travelled and time used!


The Journey section contains everything post-trip, such as historical timelines, peak completions, as well as any upcoming trips you've signed up for.

Peaks & Trails

The Peaks & Trails tab is the first tab you land on when visiting TrailWise. In here, you can view your progression through various peak groups. Each group can be viewed to see a detailed breakdown, as well as 3D mapping tools letting you easily visualise the terrain.


Within the Timeline tab, you can view a historical breakdown of your routes, containing all the data analysis TrailWise has to offer. See which peaks you completed on each route, pacing, historical weather, image uploads, elevation graphs, the gear you used at the time, and more!


The Trips tab lets you expand on the routes you've planned, and create planned outings to share with friends. By making use of trips within TrailWise, you unlock access to weather predictions, gear listings, and an easily sharable link to get directions and GPX file downloads.


The Profile section contains everything relating to your personal profile, such as profile management, awards granted, and your public TrailWise profile page.

Profile Settings

The Profile Settings tab lets you manage your accounts settings, such as basic information like name and image, as well as 3rd party connections like Strava and Google. By linking your Strava account to TrailWise, your routes will automatically get uploaded and tracked within the platform. You can also manage your public profile settings here, as well as subscription management if you're a pro member (which we very much appreciate!).


The Awards tab lets you view the various awards you've earned within TrailWise against various criteria such as distance travelled, gear tracked, peaks bagged and more.

Public Profile

The Public Profile tab lets you see your profile as another user of the site. Based on your profile settings, various aspects of your profile will be visible to other users. You can share this profile link with other people (they don't even need a TrailWise account) to show off your progression!


The Social tab lets you connect with other TrailWise members, displaying their recent adventures in a timeline feed. Leave likes and comments on their posts, and easily view their posts in more detail with the click of a button.

Final Thoughts

We hope you'll find TrailWise useful! For any issues or feature requests, please reach out to us as [email protected]. Happy hiking!